ColdStar offers end-to-end refrigerated storage and transportation solutions for temperature-sensitive consumables. We enable our customers – leaders in Food, Retail, FMCG and Pharmaceuticals – to preserve product value across the supply chain. Our solutions help to deliver higher quality products, increase profitability, ensure consumer safety and protect brand equity.

ColdStar provides integrated cold-chain solutions across the total supply chain involving production, storage and distribution of perishable products that require precise temperature control to retain product characteristics, active ingredients, freshness and nutritive values for longer durations.

ColdStar’s Services are compliant with international quality standards

The ColdStar Advantage

Our ability to service your temperature-controlled trucking needs- including just-in-time shipments— makes us a valuable partner in your perishables distribution plan.
  • Specialized material handling equipment
  • Standardized storage environment – palletization
  • Focus on product integrity and conformance with EHS
  • Highest level of hygiene and safety standards
  • Information visibility – inventory management, shipment history, production scheduling, and stock replenishment
  • Specialized refrigeration equipment
  • Best-in-class trained professionals specializing in providing maximum protection for our customers’ products

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