Cold Chain Quickie #11 – Unicef’s Cold Chain Mission For Vaccines (Part 2)

Published On July 15, 2014, by .

This is in continuation with our post- Unicef’s Cold Chain Mission which was about Ewan Mcgregor’s journey in India and Nepal on behalf of UNICEF to get vaccines to as many villages and children as was possible. This is the second part of the same series and covers Ewan’s journey through…

Cold Chain Quickie #6 – Grocery Shopping Is Now Just A Click Away (2)

Published On July 1, 2014, by .

This is in continuation with our previous post – Grocery Shopping Is Now Just A Click Away. The online grocery market is set to see further expansion as Reliance Industries plans to extend its retail business into e-commerce, with a promise of providing more products and options to consumers than any of…

Ice Cream: India’s favourite guilty pleasure?

Published On June 17, 2014, by .

“Ice-cream”, the very word brings a smile to most faces. It is something loved by most. Available in various sizes and flavors, ice-cream is the world’s favorite desert, usually made form milk and other dairy products. Ice-cream products form a major part of the Indian Food Retail Sector. Ice-cream is…

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