Cold Chain Quickie #25-Smart Fridge That Can Help #ReduceFoodWastage

Published On August 16, 2016, by .

Globally, a quarter of household’s waste INR 20,000 worth of food every year due to buying products they already have in the fridge. Fruits and vegetables are the most overbought items, with 38% and 35% of shoppers regularly buying more than they need.[1] We came across an interesting product that…

Latest Insights On Refrigerated Warehousing In India

Published On January 29, 2015, by .

India has a cold chain warehousing capacity of 34 million tonnes as of 2014. While this figure is half of what the country requires to secure its perishable produce against spoilage, the total capacity is fast rising. Only a few years ago in 2009, the total warehousing capacity in the…

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Chotukool – Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain (3)

Published On July 25, 2014, by .

80% of Indian households do not have refrigerators. A large number of people simply cannot afford refrigeration while many others lack the availability of reliable electrical power supply. In our previous posts on Mitticool and Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain we discussed products that haven been innovated for rural…

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Mitticool – Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain (2)

Published On July 23, 2014, by .

A refrigerator that’s made completely of clay, that uses no electricity and still keeps food fresh for weeks!  In our previous post – Completing the Cold Chain at the collection point, we talked about how Promethean Power Systems, a company founded by two-American entrepreneurs is bringing innovative products to rural India to strengthen the…

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A Brief History of Refrigeration

Published On July 21, 2014, by .

While grabbing a refreshing beverage or enjoying your favorite ice-cream or while drinking that glass of cold-water after some exhausting exercise, we do not give much thought to what goes behind making them feel the way they do. It was only a few decades ago that one had to be…

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