Launched! ColdStar Logistics Launches its First Distribution Center

Published On November 13, 2014, by .

ColdStar Logistics is excited to announce the launch of our first, modern, palletised, temperature-controlled Distribution Center at Navi Mumbai. The Distribution Center has been built with the latest state-of-the-art machinery and custom software, combined to offer our clients with seamless multi-temperature cold storage services. The facility is capable of handling…

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Cold Chain Quickie #15- 5-Star Hotels To Grow Veggies In Their Backyard

Published On September 2, 2014, by .

A number of 5-star hotels are investing in kitchen gardens in order to avoid import of expensive fruits and vegetables from foreign markets, thereby cutting costs while maintaining high quality. Such farms are being developed in their backyards where a variety of high quality fruits and vegetables are being grown…

Ice Cream That can be Stored at Room Temperature

Published On August 5, 2014, by .

Believe it or not, that day has arrived. A team of 16 Canadian students from the Food and Science program at McGill developed what they are calling Frisson – an ice cream that can be stored at room temperature. Frisson is a french word which means Shiver. For Frisson to…

Chotukool – Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain (3)

Published On July 25, 2014, by .

80% of Indian households do not have refrigerators. A large number of people simply cannot afford refrigeration while many others lack the availability of reliable electrical power supply. In our previous posts on Mitticool and Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain we discussed products that haven been innovated for rural…

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A Brief History of Refrigeration

Published On July 21, 2014, by .

While grabbing a refreshing beverage or enjoying your favorite ice-cream or while drinking that glass of cold-water after some exhausting exercise, we do not give much thought to what goes behind making them feel the way they do. It was only a few decades ago that one had to be…

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