ColdChainQuickie #16 – Fresh Foods are #1 on Millennials Minds

Published On September 11, 2014, by .

Millennials are a new generation of young adults with high purchasing power and an insatiable diet for new experiences and adventures. They are spending money differently than previous generations, preferring to throw cash at new experiences and to reward socially responsible companies that they can connect with and that they deem…

Will Cryopreservation Solve the Organ Donation Crisis?

Published On July 30, 2014, by .

Can Human Organ Cryopreservation transform medicine the way refrigeration transformed the food industry?  Organ donation is a vital part of the various life-saving services that modern medicine offers. Medical science is at a stage today where we can successfully transplant various organs of the human body from one person to another…

Completing The Cold Chain at the Collection Point – Innovation In The Dairy Supply Chain

Published On July 16, 2014, by .

India is the largest producer of milk in the world (Source: Food Navigator – Asia, Quartz), producing about 17% of all the world’s milk each year. The country produced just over 130 million tonnes of milk in the year 2012-13 compared to  63 million tonnes from 20 years ago (1993). Milk yield in India…

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