Cold Chain Quickie #25-Smart Fridge That Can Help #ReduceFoodWastage

Published On August 16, 2016, by .

Globally, a quarter of household’s waste INR 20,000 worth of food every year due to buying products they already have in the fridge. Fruits and vegetables are the most overbought items, with 38% and 35% of shoppers regularly buying more than they need.[1] We came across an interesting product that…

How Much Do You Know About Chocolate? #InternationalChocolateDay

Published On July 29, 2016, by .

Chocolate makes a wonderful flavor of ice cream; it can be put into cookies, brownies, or eaten in a wide variety of bar forms. This month of July 2 days of the calendar dedicated to it- International Chocolate Day and The Milk Chocolate Day celebrated on 7th and 28th respectively….

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Global Eradication of Polio – Major Milestone Achieved

Published On November 20, 2014, by .

ColdStar Logistics has always been a strong advocate of optimising the #ColdChain to enable a wider reach of vaccines. Over the past few months we have published several articles on our blog highlighting India’s progress in becoming a Polio-Free nation. Early this week, Scientists at the US Center for Diseases…

Cold Chain Could Save the Food Supply Chain

Published On September 18, 2014, by .

Excerpt of an original post on The Daily Star When Brazil, the Philippines and the Caribbean countries have been supplying banana, a highly perishable fruit, to the other corners of the world, Bangladesh cannot do so even within its small boundaries without using toxic preservatives. Also, countries like the US,…

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Cold Chain Quickie #15- 5-Star Hotels To Grow Veggies In Their Backyard

Published On September 2, 2014, by .

A number of 5-star hotels are investing in kitchen gardens in order to avoid import of expensive fruits and vegetables from foreign markets, thereby cutting costs while maintaining high quality. Such farms are being developed in their backyards where a variety of high quality fruits and vegetables are being grown…