SUBWAY’s $5 Foot-Long, A Success of the Farm-to-Fork Supply Chain

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Published On September 24, 2014, by .

How do large restaurant chains manage to efficiently procure large volumes of meat, poultry, vegetables and breads and seamlessly supply them to their restaurants across even larger geographic regions?

In a case study of Subway, one of the world’s largest sandwich restaurant chains, the restaurant has used traditional supply chain methodologies and employed their own innovative techniques to improve delivery times of large volumes of raw materials and reduce wastage. Subway’s supply chain is a classic, and very innovative, example of efficient farm-to-fork technologies being employed. Implementing innovations at a global scale was tough even for a large brand like Subway. Yet, through smarter food growing cycles, efficient cold storage processes and better food packaging methods, Subway is able to deliver the same freshness in the final product as you find in the farm.

The video below follows the growth story of Subway’s incremental innovations in farm-to-fork supply chain to provide consumers with the signature “$5 Foot-long“, from being a bottom-of-the-menu product to the highest grossing Subway sandwich today.

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Source: YSN (Your Success Now)

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