Cold Chain Quickie #25-Smart Fridge That Can Help #ReduceFoodWastage

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Published On August 16, 2016, by .

Globally, a quarter of household’s waste INR 20,000 worth of food every year due to buying products they already have in the fridge. Fruits and vegetables are the most overbought items, with 38% and 35% of shoppers regularly buying more than they need.[1] We came across an interesting product that could address this issue by transforming the way consumers shop and control their domestic food waste.

This refrigerator is equipped with built in cameras and a 21.5 inch screen. The three cameras take photos of the items stored inside each time the doors are shut. With a smartphone app, a user can remotely check the contents of the refrigerator while out shopping through the refrigerator’s cameras.

Additionally, there is a feature which lets you drag and drop expiration dates on various foods items in the fridge.  The label automatically changes day by day to remind the user to consume the food product before it expires.

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