25% Vaccines In India Get Wasted Each Year, Cold Chain Is The Answer To #ReduceWastage

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The Indian vaccines industry is valued at INR 3,000 Crores [1] and ranks third in terms of volume globally. Still, one in every five children does not receive even the basic vaccines. Approximately 25% of the vaccines go wasted each year before reaching the doctors and customers.[2] The main reason is…

A Festival That Unites a Nation, #HappyDiwali

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Together We Will Vanquish the Evil of #FoodWastage, #HappyDussehra

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Delivering the Highest Quality and Standards Across the #ColdChain in India

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ColdStar Logistics is pleased to announce that our world class, cold chain services, across distribution and storage, are compliant with Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP) and other international quality and standards. This is yet another step by ColdStar towards providing the industry and our clients a high quality, seamless,…

Global Seed Vault: Syrian War Causes The Global Doomsday Seed Vault’s First Withdrawal

Published On September 25, 2015, by .

This is Part – 2 of the series on The Cold Storage Global Seed Vault at Svalbard. You can read Part – 1 here The doomsday seed vault on Norway’s remote Svalbard archipelago houses the world’s back up supply of seeds to ensure crop diversity. It contains deposits of nearly…

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