Cold Chain Quickie #3 – 4 P’s of Cold Chain in Pharma

Published On June 23, 2014, by .

The new 4 P’s that might govern cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry. We look at the four trends that will shape decision making in this industry consequently improving the quality of cold chain globally. 4 P’s of Cold Chain in Pharma [PDF]  

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ColdChain Quickie #2 – The Food Chain Without Pollinators

Published On June 18, 2014, by .

Bees, Butterflies and Beatles among others are essential in the production of nearly 75 percent of the fruits and vegetables we consume today. Today, most of these species of pollinators face extinction. Huffington Post and Whole Foods boldly re-imagines what our fruits and vegetables would look like without pollinators at…

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Cold-Chain Quickie #1- 14 Things You Might Not Know About Ben & Jerry’s

Published On June 17, 2014, by .

Cold-Chain Quickie #1- 14 Things You Might Not Know About Ben & Jerry’s Ben and Jerry’s is one of the world’s most popular, often quirky ice-cream brands. Read on to find out the 14 things that define/ make the brand stand out. #coldchainquickie

Ice Cream: India’s favourite guilty pleasure?

Published On June 17, 2014, by .

“Ice-cream”, the very word brings a smile to most faces. It is something loved by most. Available in various sizes and flavors, ice-cream is the world’s favorite desert, usually made form milk and other dairy products. Ice-cream products form a major part of the Indian Food Retail Sector. Ice-cream is…

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De-Mystifying the Pulse Polio Cold Chain

Published On June 12, 2014, by .

The Indian Pulse Polio Programme was one of the most monumental public health initiatives taken in any part of the world. In just 10 years’ time, a country of over 1.2 billion people was free of any cases of polio. India recorded its last case of polio in the Howrah…