Indian Fisheries Set To Make Record Profits – Cold Chain Quickie #10

Published On July 11, 2014, by .

A major portion of Indian seafood exports consists of Shrimps, crustaceans that are mostly found in tropical waters near India, Brazil, Sout-East Asia and Africa. Traditionally, Japan and China were the primary markets for Indian shrimp exports, but with the shortage of Shrimps in global markets in the last few…

Cold Storages Must Play A Major Role In Tackling Food Wastage

Published On July 10, 2014, by .

India wastes 40% of all the fresh food produce before it can get to customers. $7 billion worth of Fruits and Vegetables are thrown away each year. For a country of over 1.2 billion people, not only is this a major monetary loss, but also something that worsens conditions for…

Cold Chain technology at the World Cup (2) – Cooling Gloves

Published On July 8, 2014, by .

With just 4 teams remaining in the race to win the most prestigious tournament in world football, excitement is more than ever. 4 matches played within the next five days will decide the fate of our semi-finalists.  No european team has ever won a FIFA world cup under the South American…

Cold Chain Quickie #9 – Ice Cream Industry Set To Double

Published On July 8, 2014, by .

Indians love their Ice-cream!! Consumption is highest during summers when temperatures are in the high 40s. We feel that the Ice-cream industry is set to see rapid growth in the years to come. This has been reaffirmed by the PHD (Progress Harmony Development) Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has projected that…

Cold Chain Quickie #8 – Indians and Chocolates

Published On July 7, 2014, by .

Did you know that the Indian chocolate market has tripled in the last decade? Or that 45 percent of all the chocolate sales happen through small grocery stores and that 18% of all the chocolate production happens in Uttar Pradesh? Learn about the Chocolate Industry in India in a much more engaging…

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