Will Cryopreservation Solve the Organ Donation Crisis?

Published On July 30, 2014, by .

Can Human Organ Cryopreservation transform medicine the way refrigeration transformed the food industry?  Organ donation is a vital part of the various life-saving services that modern medicine offers. Medical science is at a stage today where we can successfully transplant various organs of the human body from one person to another…

Where India’s Meat Lovers Live

Published On July 28, 2014, by .

As of 2007, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) statistics indicated that Indians had the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world. However, India is a country of meat-loving people with more than 64% of the population consuming meat and meat products according to this report by…

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Chotukool – Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain (3)

Published On July 25, 2014, by .

80% of Indian households do not have refrigerators. A large number of people simply cannot afford refrigeration while many others lack the availability of reliable electrical power supply. In our previous posts on Mitticool and Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain we discussed products that haven been innovated for rural…

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Mitticool – Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain (2)

Published On July 23, 2014, by .

A refrigerator that’s made completely of clay, that uses no electricity and still keeps food fresh for weeks!  In our previous post – Completing the Cold Chain at the collection point, we talked about how Promethean Power Systems, a company founded by two-American entrepreneurs is bringing innovative products to rural India to strengthen the…

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ColdChain Quickie #13 – The World’s First Climate-Controlled City

Published On July 21, 2014, by .

Arrival of the air-conditioner has made our lives much more comfortable. Extreme temperatures and weather conditions are no more an issue. An air-conditioned room in Russia will be just as pleasant as one in Nigeria. Air-conditioners can be found almost everywhere today, from homes to offices to automobiles. Yet there are…