Cold Storages Must Play A Major Role In Tackling Food Wastage

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India wastes 40% of all the fresh food produce before it can get to customers. $7 billion worth of Fruits and Vegetables are thrown away each year. For a country of over 1.2 billion people, not only is this a major monetary loss, but also something that worsens conditions for millions of Indians that survive their day on less food than required. Food wastage is also known to have crippled several economies in the past decades. India has been termed as the hunger capital of the world by popular western media.

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Being perishables, Fruits and Vegetables are vulnerable to heat and mis-handling. Huge volumes of produce suffer spoilage by the time they reach the consumer’s doorstep all the way from the fields where they were grown.

The solution to eradicating the problem of high food wastage is the effective use of Cold Storage’s in the individual supply chains. There is a shortage of such cold storage facilities across India. We believe more are required.

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