Cold Chain Quickie #22- Behind the Scenes at Starbucks Supply Chain Operations

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Published On May 29, 2015, by .

A 2011 survey by The Huffington Post notes that 49% of coffee drinkers would rather give up their cell phone for a month than go without coffee. Starbucks has successfully managed to become a fastest growing market in the history of coffee chains. It is in an enviable position, operating over 20,000 stores across 64 countries and serving over 70 million customers per week. But what exactly goes into the process from Coco beans in a filed to a steaming cup of delicious coffee?

Coco Beans come from a different country while Milk comes from entirely different country, miles away. After procurement, all the materials are sent to a roasting, manufacturing and packaging plant. Once the beans are prepared, they are supplied across stores. The supply chain of Starbucks is spread across 19 countries, ensuring supply of best ingredients for affordable price. With over 70,000 deliveries per week, keeping product flowing from suppliers to consumers is a complex exercise.

How does Starbucks manage to procure raw materials from different places, process the raw materials and ensure worldwide supply? A behind the scenes look at Starbucks Global Supply Chain:


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