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Arrival of the air-conditioner has made our lives much more comfortable. Extreme temperatures and weather conditions are no more an issue. An air-conditioned room in Russia will be just as pleasant as one in Nigeria. Air-conditioners can be found almost everywhere today, from homes to offices to automobiles.

Yet there are limits to air-conditioning. Air-conditioners require to be operated in closed rooms and spaces to give us the desired effect. One cannot enjoy the relief that air-conditioners provide when jogging at the park, or while walking to the grocery store or while playing thier favorite sport. Air-conditioning has its limitations.

Well, not any more. Meet the World’s first Air-conditioned city!

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Video: Youtube, Dubai Holding

The world’s first temperature-controlled city, Mall of the World, located along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai will occupy a total area of 48 million square feet. The project will comprise the largest indoor theme park in the world, which will be covered by a glass dome that will be open during the winter months.

The project will also house the largest shopping mall in the world with an area of 8 million square feet, which will take the form of an extended retail street network. Once completed, the City is projected to become a year-round destination, welcoming around 180 million visitors annually.

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