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Chotukool, the most portable refrigerator yet.   Picture Credits: Outlook

Chotukool, the most portable refrigerator yet. Picture Credits: Outlook

80% of Indian households do not have refrigerators. A large number of people simply cannot afford refrigeration while many others lack the availability of reliable electrical power supply. In our previous posts on Mitticool and Innovation in the Dairy Supply Chain we discussed products that haven been innovated for rural India’s needs and are going to impact thousands of lives positively. This post is about another such product, this time from one of India’s oldest companies, Godrej.


Chotukool is a 45-liter plastic container that can cool food to around 8 to 10 degrees on a 12-volt battery. Abandoning the compressor technology used in domestic fridges, it uses a thermo-electric or solid state cooling system. It does not have a front opening door but opens from the top to ensure that the maximum amount of cool air remains in the container when opened.

Chotukool is improving the quality of life in rural households in India. Perishables such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products can be preserved for longer durations whereas the costs involved are significantly low. It also makes way for business opportunities as more vendors can now sell chilled beverages at their shops and stalls. Chotukool weighs just 8 KGs and hardly takes up any space, which is why some people prefer to take chotukool along with them on their vehicles for travelling long distances. The refrigerator is easily able to handle 12 hours of cooling when not connected to electrical power and running on battery.

Chotukool serves all the purposes of a regular refrigerator while being extremely portable and cheap. Its set to impact the lives of millions of Indians positively.


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