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We came across this innovative idea of Chai Ice Cream. What better than ice cream during summer months and to top it off with a flavor of the most loved beverage in India- Tea. The country consumes 8.37 lakh tonnes of tea annually with the per capita consumption of 0.8 Kg. Indians love their tea and it’s a perfect start to the day. This new innovation of Chai Ice Cream encourages the incidence of tea intake even during hot summer days.

The inspiration for this recipe came from Marcus Wareing’s Earl Grey Tea Cream. This Ice Cream blends all the spices and warmth of that cup of Chai into one divine dessert. This unique dessert makes use of granulated tea, milk, cream and various spices used in a conventional tea consisting of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seeds. The final garnish with crystallized ginger adds a lovely crunchy texture in this Ice Cream.

Chai Ice Cream can be the perfect way to enjoy tea during the summer. Given the love for tea amongst Indian population, this has got to be the most innovative and favourite flavor of Ice Cream in India. And what better that the fact that it can be easily made in home and you can modify the flavor according to your liking. Moreover, it can be the perfect dessert to compliment the authentic Indian meal!

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