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Cold Chain Quickie #20- Chai Ice Cream #ColdChainIndia

Published On May 20, 2015, by .

We came across this innovative idea of Chai Ice Cream. What better than ice cream during summer months and to top it off with a flavor of the most loved beverage in India- Tea. The country consumes 8.37 lakh tonnes of tea annually with the per capita consumption of 0.8…

It’s never too hot for Ice Cream #ColdChainIndia

Published On May 19, 2015, by .

Ice Cream is enjoyed by all regardless of age, gender, income or education. The Ice Cream industry in India, estimated at INR 4,500 Crore in 2013 is likely to grow to INR 7,000 Crore by 2018. Increase in disposable income and change in tastes and preferences have transformed the nature…

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Ice Cream That can be Stored at Room Temperature

Published On August 5, 2014, by .

Believe it or not, that day has arrived. A team of 16 Canadian students from the Food and Science program at McGill developed what they are calling Frisson – an ice cream that can be stored at room temperature. Frisson is a french word which means Shiver. For Frisson to…

ColdChainQuickie #14 – Ice Cream that Changes Colors with Every Lick

Published On July 31, 2014, by .

Bored with the same old color in your ice cream cone? Physicist and Ice Cream lover – Manuel Linares has turned Chef with his new concoction of Food and Science. Manuel’s latest masterpiece is an ice cream concoction he calls Xamaleón, a play on the spanish word for Chameleon. The…

Ice Cream: India’s favourite guilty pleasure?

Published On June 17, 2014, by .

“Ice-cream”, the very word brings a smile to most faces. It is something loved by most. Available in various sizes and flavors, ice-cream is the world’s favorite desert, usually made form milk and other dairy products. Ice-cream products form a major part of the Indian Food Retail Sector. Ice-cream is…

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