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Cold Chain Quickie #6 – Grocery Shopping Is Now Just A Click Away (2)

Published On July 1, 2014, by .

This is in continuation with our previous post – Grocery Shopping Is Now Just A Click Away. The online grocery market is set to see further expansion as Reliance Industries plans to extend its retail business into e-commerce, with a promise of providing more products and options to consumers than any of…

ColdChain Quickie #5- Cold Chain Preserves Your Memories

Published On June 30, 2014, by .

Photographic films that are nearing deterioration are stored in specially designed Cold Storages that protect them from the unfavorable effects of heat, thereby adding hundreds of years to their life. Heat causes nearly all types of film material to disintegrate over a period of time. Click on the link below to…

ColdChain Quickie #4 – UNICEF’s Cold Chain Mission

Published On June 27, 2014, by . In continuation with our previous two posts on Cold Chain’s Role in a Polio Free India and De-Mystifying The Pulse Polio Cold Chain, here’s a live example of Cold Chain being used to provide vaccination and immunization to children in remote areas across the world. Ewan McGregor’s UNICEF mission to…

Cold Chain Quickie #3 – 4 P’s of Cold Chain in Pharma

Published On June 23, 2014, by .

The new 4 P’s that might govern cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry. We look at the four trends that will shape decision making in this industry consequently improving the quality of cold chain globally. 4 P’s of Cold Chain in Pharma [PDF]   ColdStar Logistics ColdStar delivers customized solutions…

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ColdChain Quickie #2 – The Food Chain Without Pollinators

Published On June 18, 2014, by .

Bees, Butterflies and Beatles among others are essential in the production of nearly 75 percent of the fruits and vegetables we consume today. Today, most of these species of pollinators face extinction. Huffington Post and Whole Foods boldly re-imagines what our fruits and vegetables would look like without pollinators at…

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