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Cold Chain Quickie #15- 5-Star Hotels To Grow Veggies In Their Backyard

Published On September 2, 2014, by .

A number of 5-star hotels are investing in kitchen gardens in order to avoid import of expensive fruits and vegetables from foreign markets, thereby cutting costs while maintaining high quality. Such farms are being developed in their backyards where a variety of high quality fruits and vegetables are being grown…

ColdChainQuickie #14 – Ice Cream that Changes Colors with Every Lick

Published On July 31, 2014, by .

Bored with the same old color in your ice cream cone? Physicist and Ice Cream lover – Manuel Linares has turned Chef with his new concoction of Food and Science. Manuel’s latest masterpiece is an ice cream concoction he calls Xamaleón, a play on the spanish word for Chameleon. The…

Where India’s Meat Lovers Live

Published On July 28, 2014, by .

As of 2007, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) statistics indicated that Indians had the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world. However, India is a country of meat-loving people with more than 64% of the population consuming meat and meat products according to this report by…

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ColdChain Quickie #13 – The World’s First Climate-Controlled City

Published On July 21, 2014, by .

Arrival of the air-conditioner has made our lives much more comfortable. Extreme temperatures and weather conditions are no more an issue. An air-conditioned room in Russia will be just as pleasant as one in Nigeria. Air-conditioners can be found almost everywhere today, from homes to offices to automobiles. Yet there are…

Cold Chain Quickie #11 – Unicef’s Cold Chain Mission For Vaccines (Part 2)

Published On July 15, 2014, by .

This is in continuation with our post- Unicef’s Cold Chain Mission which was about Ewan Mcgregor’s journey in India and Nepal on behalf of UNICEF to get vaccines to as many villages and children as was possible. This is the second part of the same series and covers Ewan’s journey through…