Cold Chain Quickie #15- 5-Star Hotels To Grow Veggies In Their Backyard

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A number of 5-star hotels are investing in kitchen gardens in order to avoid import of expensive fruits and vegetables from foreign markets, thereby cutting costs while maintaining high quality. Such farms are being developed in their backyards where a variety of high quality fruits and vegetables are being grown while ensuring best farming standards and world class techniques. The upcoming ITC Grand Bharat Golf & Spa Resort in Manesar near Gurgaon will have an 11-acre farm where it will grow vegetables and herbs, and train the hotel’s chefs on the flavours of India. Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai has acquired a farmland near Mumbai, where it grows vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes.

Photo Credits: Flickr User - William Leonard

5-Star Hotels in India have started growing vegetables locally saving them lots of money. Photo Credits: Flickr User – William Leonard

50 percent of all the profits of luxury hotels come from food and beverage sales. Exporting veggies from foreign markets is becoming increasingly expensive. By growing vegetables in-house, hotels can save almost 50% of the total cost by saving up on transportation, packaging, storage and import duties.

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